About Us

Where our story starts.

In the Mediterranean Sea.
I was born and raised on the French Riviera, in Antibes in a mix of culture : French (from my dad) and Iranian (from my mom). Growing up on the beach shapes you. Nature is omnipresent and children spend hours in the sun, in the salt water and life is sweet and simple. Yet, this simple life is now a luxury in an over stimulated world.
I’ve always felt a deep connection with nature, especially in the water. I’m a Sea, ocean, travel and fashion lover.
One of my biggest dreams was to create a sustainable swimwear line.
My dream vision was to produce less and well, with the ideals of function and sustainable fashion. 
I made a conscious choice.
I decided to create a brand that embodied my beliefs.
Ahurani is a brand for all the mermaids at heart, created for every woman to embrace their true self. Our swimwear line is designed to be adjustable to fit every body type and be super comfortable.
Being a conscious manufacturer means to take back power and support what we stand for, in an ever growing fast fashion industry.
Our designs  are perfect for all kinds of water sports, from surfing, to monoskiing,..or even just sunbathing.
At Ahurani, our swimsuits are 100% eco-friendly. The fibers of our fabrics are made out of recycled ghost fishing nets found in the seas and oceans, in order to protect our planet.
We ship 100% PLASTIC-FREE. Our swimsuits are packed in cassava and cornstarch made shipping bags.